There are fewer uberPOOL vehicles on the road, so it can take a little bit longer for your driver to arrive. To qualify UberPool for commuter benefits, which are regulated by the IRS, customers using commuter benefits cards will always be placed in UberPool vehicles that seat six or more people. On Tuesday, Uber announced a “first-of-a-kind” partnership with WageWorks, a major administrator of employee benefits, that will allow commuters in New York City to use pretax dollars to pay for UberPool. It’s a major step for the ride-hailing company in its quest to position its carpooling service as a form of public transportation. Through the program, first announced for New York commuters back in August, Uber and WageWorks invite employers to sign up to a plan that encourages employees to use UberPool ride-sharing services to commute to work.

You can now use pretax dollars to pay for UberPool, which is huge

I’ll be transferring to NYC soon through work and will be issued a WageWorks commuter benefit subsidy card. Many people at my company in NYC are saying that they max the card out and use it for all commuting within the city, not just to/from work. The service, which Uber refers to as a “first-of-a-kind partnership,” is only open in New York for now, but the company says it plans to roll the program out across the U.S. in the future. “By making it easier and more affordable to carpool, we’re working toward our goal of getting more people in fewer cars,” the company explained in a blog post. Nonetheless, this is certainly a big win for Uber, which has been fighting an uphill battle for respectability in the public transportation world. The ride-hailing giant has been accused of attempting to kill off mass transit with a variety of features that essentially mimic the actions of public buses.

Commuter Card

  1. The eligible cards are WageWorks commuter prepaid MasterCards, Wageworks prepaid Visa commuter cards and TransitCheck QuickPay prepaid Visa cards.
  2. The company has been slowly introducing various new features to attract commuters, including passes for unlimited rush-hour use.
  3. One of Uber’s long-stated goals is to cut down on the number of cars on the roads by giving everyone access to their own private driver through their smartphone.
  4. We’re headed back to NYC on June 5th alongside UiPath to hear from top executive leaders examine how organizations can audit their AI models for bias, performance, and adherence to ethical standards.
  5. Uber says commuters with WageWorks accounts could save up to 40 percent on their UberPool rides under the program.
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Previously, I showed how you could use the money to cover train rides in the NYC metro area. Today, let’s talk about using the pre-tax money to pay for Uber rides. The eligible cards are WageWorks commuter prepaid MasterCards, Wageworks prepaid Visa commuter cards and TransitCheck wageworks uber QuickPay prepaid Visa cards. This means that for every $1 you spend pre-tax, you save paying 40 cents in taxes. If you are able to maximize your commuter benefits by spending all $255 every month, you’ve effectively saved yourself north of $1,200 each year.

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